Medicine Regulatory Services

The Pharma One Company's Regulatory Affairs Department, in full compliance with applicable law and regulation, provides regulatory services to its partners.
The services provided by the Pharma One regulatory department are:
· Register new products, verify application files and follow procedures to ensure product approval and market placement.
· Maintenance of current records (renewals and variations).
· Medical equipment registration.
· Pharmacovigilance. Managing product safety, tracking and collecting and reporting of medicine side effects (ADR) cases as well as medicine related adverse events.
Pharma One provides its partners with up-to-date regulatory information, helping them understand local requirements related to the above regulatory issues.


The need to demonstrate the value of their products and services, the benefits that patients receive, and services that the market not only loves and needs, but is willing to pay more for.
Our team has the vision, motivation, and skills to accomplish this mission.
Our Medical Representatives visit physicians and employees of public and private institutions daily to convey the most accurate information and values of each product we represent.

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