Our staff is our best asset !

Lets get to know the Pharma One staff better


Pharma One is one of the most important distributors in the Albanian market and not only. This has gradually come as a result of hard work, dedication and integrity in doing business. At Pharma One, work activity is based on basic ethical values such as integrity, independence, objectivity, impartiality, professional secrecy, competence, due diligence and professional behavior. Collaboration in doing business is a success built on hard work and professionalism.


Pharma One staff must reflect a high standard of personal and professional integrity in the workplace, applying the appropriate legal structure to ensure that the work process is conducted in a transparent and responsible way. The work culture at Pharma One is closely linked to employee-company collaboration, respect for employee integrity, legal standards. We encourage, invest, and empower employees in such a way that they give their best for career growth within Pharma One.
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